Feng Shui Bathroom Design Principles

Feng Shui Bathroom Design Principles

Feng Shui is the belief that energy is used to enhance our immediate surroundings like our home, office or other living spaces. This beli ef is used to improve efficiency, health, increased prosperity and overall wellbeing. Abathroom’s location can be in Feng Shui belief how it can increase or decrease wealth inyour home. This is a strong Feng Shui beli efsand rule of thumb that you need to rememberwhen deciding the location of 3bathroom. The bathroom and toilet are primarily driven by the element Water and in Feng Shui Water is assocaited withwealth, prosperity, career and good cash flow. According to Feng Shuui some bathroom locations can have a negative effect on your wealth.

These are the locations:


  1. Bathroom next to or above the front door


  1. Bathrooms on the second floor directly above the kitchen or front door


  1. Bathrooms in the center of an office


  1. Bathrooms under the stairs


If the bathroom is in the front hall is close to the door this can drain what is believed to be the Chi away before it has a chance to circulate through the rest of the house. The water energy in a bathroom above the kitchen puts out the fire energy and floods the ent ire kitchen with negative energy.

This is damaging to both health and prosperity. As for the bathroom in the center of the house it destabilizes the energy of the entire home.

Some ways to increase the Feng Shue in a bathroom are as follows: A clean, sanitary bathroom strengthens and supports a positive Chi. Aways make sure the bathroom plumbing fixtures are clean and work because dripping taps encourageyou to waste money. Keep the area light, airy and well lit and use colors like light grey, cream and pale blues. Consider placing mirrors so that the faucets are reflected.

Theseare just some considerations when designing a bathroom in your home.

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