Adding Your Own Personality To a Room

Adding Your Own Personality To a Room

In creating an atmosphere you would enjoy relaxing in takes a lot of time, patience and thought. Below are some ways to incorporate your own personality into a room at your home.


  1. Use a special collection of objects or art as a focal point. Collect things that have special meaning to you and use them as the theme of your room. Choose colors, patterns and fabrics to highlight the collection. Select one unique piece and arrange the furniture and lighting to focus on it in the room. It may be a special piece of art or a unique


  1. Choose a theme for a room and gather things that will reinforce the


  1. Another approach is to use some of your favorite colors for the color scheme of the room. Select several shades of your favorite color to use on furniture, walls and


  1. Collect inspiration from stores’ catalogs and magazines that have rooms arranged and special items spotlighted. Usually viewing showrooms of furniture and their accessories will give you some unique


  1. Fabrics applied to pillows to freshen a space is also a cost effective way to achieve some personality in your room. Mix and match the patterns and keep a consistent color for the fabrics that you will be using in the space. Approaching a space with some of these ideas in mind will create a unique space that you and others will enjoy. If all else fails hire a professional interior designer to assist you in creating your dream space.

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