Ascending the Pyramid of Design Coordination

Ascending the Pyramid of Design Coordination

Do you feel overwhelmed with all of the decisions needed to

coordinatetheappeara nce of your new home or renovationproject?When designing a space foc us on these three ke y aspects:your des iredco ncept or preferences,thekeyselections fo r the home’sinteriorand exterior, coordinati on andfinishes.


CONCEPT:Theconcept andyouro wnpreferences are the most impo rtant guides for your endeavor. The unique look you’re after can be defined using digital photos, browsingonline and scanning magazines for inspiratio n. These will assist you in choosing thedesired style, color,fabrics andfurnishings. Kee p in mind that you may use the co mplete or partial looks of the kitchens and bathrooms forflooring,backsplash,cabinetfinishes,andcountertopchoices.

Throughout, co nsider your lifestyle, personality and budget. SELECTIONS: When selec ting items for your home keep in mind these basic design principles: balance, scale and proportio n, rhythm and texture. Balanceis the most important element to achieve when

creating a home or room. Scale andproportionshould be achieved in all furnishings and finishes of a home. Rhythmis defined as natural move men t. Four ways to createrhythm areby contrast,transition, repetition or progressio n. Texturedrama is ac hieved through mixing furnishingsandsurfacestocreateinterest,withoutdivisiveness,andis a require ment of a well-designed interior.With your concept and

se lectio n pr e fe rences in mind,it’s now time to engage an interior designer and builde r toproduce a well designedand coordinated home. Why includean interior designer?An interior designercan

ensure concept delivery via melding the finalfit and finish of rooms andtheir inter-relationshipswith respect to color,texture, impact and ambiance.


.I.       Sa ves you money, time and simplifies yourlife

  1. Broaderknowledge,includingevolvingtrends 3.Can develop variety ofstyles
  2. Can enhance your o wnstyle
  3. Preventscostlymistakes
  4. Hasaccesstoawiderrangeofresources
  5. Helps to set priorities

Builder interview ques tio ns: Do they haverequired lice nsesand are they insured? What are their professio nal q ualifica tio ns, credentials and references?  What kind of amenities,  interior finishes  and upgrades do they provide? What type/le ngth warranty do they o ffer? How long  will your project take?Do they offer services  of a professional desig ne r? A final pointwhile ascending the pyramid of interior design is to enjoy the complex  processof  selecting and choosing the materials and finishes you have always des ired for your dreamhome;confidentyourinte1iordesignerandbuilderwillensure a greatoutcome.

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