Paint? What To buy & what to skip

Paint? What To buy & what to skip

Painting a room is the easiest way to give your personal space a fresh look. These options will hopefully make painting easier, faster and more decorative.


1. No primer needed:
A while ago when going from a dark wall to a lighter wall color you had to prime the walls. But now Benjamin Moore’s self-­‐priming Aura paint you don’t need to first put a coat of primer. The Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) tested this paint to cover a navy wall and it covered in two coats. Besides that it also splattered less and had a remarkable stain resistance than the traditional Benjamin Moore paint. It costs about $55 (it runs about $14 higher than the Benjamin Moore’s standard wall paint. If your project would require priming, this cost covers that and saves you time, too.


2. Scented Ceilings:
Dutch Boy Scented Ceiling Solution II ($17) has a laundry fresh scent. GHRI found that the scent was pleasing but before purchasing ask to take a smell of this product. In one coat there was full coverage and it costs the same a Dutch Boy’s unscented ceiling paint.


3. Smooth on and Stains off:
Pratt and Lambert’s Redseal Porcelain ($31) has an incredible stain resistance performance. If you have a house full of kids or pets this selection of stain resistance paint would work well in a busy household.


4. Easy Faux:
Michelangelo Faux Finish ($45) uses a color change technology from one coat it yields 2 colors. You apply the paint wait a few minutes then use a faux finish tool to create the movement and color difference of the second color. The paint must be applied to a flat latex surface so you might need a coat of Michelangelo wall preparation ($18).


5. Best Bathroom and Kitchen option:
GHRI recommends Behr premium Plus Interior Kitchen and Bath Sateen Lustre Enamel ($27) for bathroom and kitchen areas. It scored the highest for stain resistance. Be aware the finish is glossier than eggshell. If you prefer a matte look or finish this won’t be the best choice for your application.


After considering all of the options from GHRI’s testing choose which application your lifestyle prefers and needs in your own home. Have fun with color and if you need any additional assistance ask you painter or interior designer.

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